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One of the better attention problems of developing countries is the abridgement of acceptable education. Only about 5% of the inhabitants of rural communities know about conservation. The rapid citizenry growth in Africa doesn’t help either. The amount capacity of the African soil is abundant lower than ours and attributes will have troubles dealing with it in the future.


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The forest is a biotope that our planet can simply not do without. In 2017, the activity aims to reforest over 50 hectares of forest. The Misty Mountain Forest in Cameroon is not alone home to dozens of endangered bacilli including the rarest subspecies of chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes ellioti, it is additionally the alone and best important antecedent of baptize for the all-inclusive arena of Bamenda Highlands.


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The mountain billow backwoods in  Kedjom- Keku northwestern Cameroon is beneath a lot of burden from local farmers, hunters and shepherds due to its abundant clay and good active conditions, which makes it one of the best rapidly disappearing biotopes in the world.

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The mountain cloud forest in Kedjom- Keku northwestern Cameroon is under a lot of pressure from local ... OIPA International in collaboration with the Kedjom - Keku CASUD are cooperating to safeguard the .... Related Post. blog-grid. Apr4 ...

It will be the locals who will have to accord with the problem. The only band-aid is education, as it broadens people’s horizons, enables them to search for information, realize the implications of their accomplishments on the ambiance and allows them to develop their own ideas. This is why we started the association attention education affairs for children of preschool to primary academy ages. Amongst added subjects, we teach them about our activities accompanying to extenuative the backwoods and the ambiance they alive in. We bulb trees with them and talk about the irreplaceability of the billow forest.


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It is all-important to anticipate added deforestation as it is an important (the only) source of drinking baptize in the area, as able-bodied as the home to hundreds of endemic species, including the most endangered chimpanzee subspecies, pan troglodytes ellioti.

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