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One of the largest attention problems of developing countries is the lack of good education. Only about 5% of the inhabitants of rural communities know about conservation. The rapid citizenry growth in Africa doesn’t help either. The load capacity of the African soil is much lower than ours and attributes will have troubles dealing with it in the future.


The mountain cloud forest in Kedjom- Keku northwestern Cameroon is under a lot of pressure from local ... OIPA International in collaboration with the Kedjom - Keku CASUD are cooperating to safeguard the .... Related Post. blog-grid. Set8 ...

Emmanuel O. Keku, MA, MSPH, MD, FAHA

Well, it’s happened again: You’ve been put on hold. Why don’t they use a business argument messaging service? An automated recording has assured you that the next customer service representative…

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Linda Keku - 2016 Nominee ... Created the #1 health blog in Nigeria on Family Planning ( with content of daily activities and answers to  ...

Keku`iapoiwa Learning Center

It is necessary to prevent added deforestation as it is an important (the only) source of drinking water in the area, as well as the home to hundreds of endemic species, including the most endangered chimpanzee subspecies, pan troglodytes ellioti.


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The forest is a biotope that our planet can simply not do without. In 2017, the project aims to reforest over 50 hectares of forest. The Misty Mountain Forest in Cameroon is not only home to dozens of endangered organisms including the rarest subspecies of chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes ellioti, it is also the only and best important source of water for the vast region of Bamenda Highlands.

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It will be the locals who will have to deal with the problem. The only band-aid is education, as it broadens people’s horizons, enables them to search for information, realize the implications of their actions on the ambiance and allows them to develop their own ideas. This is why we started the community conservation education program for children of preschool to primary school ages. Amongst other subjects, we teach them about our activities related to extenuative the forest and the ambiance they live in. We bulb trees with them and talk about the irreplaceability of the cloud forest.

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The mountain cloud forest in  Kedjom- Keku northwestern Cameroon is under a lot of pressure from local farmers, hunters and shepherds due to its fertile clay and good living conditions, which makes it one of the most rapidly disappearing biotopes in the world.


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What do all successful companies have in common? From the aboriginal start-up to the largest corporation, what’s the common denominator for all profitable businesses? It’s not the product. It’s not…

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Surf to Summit Bow Line, Black

Surf to Summit Bow Line, Black

Features :Essential for kayaking activitiesUse the bow line for tethering your kayak to docks, rafting up two kayaks or for making short-distance towsAttaches easily to the front of any kayak and provides an easy way to tie down your kayak at the dock or beachMu
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Bungalow Rose

Bungalow Rose 'Boho Elephant' Graphic Art Print on Wrapped Canvas

DFIS1047FeaturesMuseum-quality print on gallery-wrapped canvasGreat for indoor display in any roomWarp-resistant, structurally engineered stretcher barsMounting hardware includedCountry of Manufacture: United StatesSubject: AnimalsColor: Blue/PuppleProduct Type: PrintPrimary Art Material: CanvasDimensionsOverall Height - Top to Bottom: 16"Overall Width - Side to Side: 16"Overall Depth - Front to Back: 1.5"Overall Product Weight: 3.8 lbs
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These heavy duty Gun belts are made of 100% authentic High Grade Genuine Buffalo hide leather that is about 10-11 oz. It is tough yet soft and flexible ensuring comfort with no compromise in durability. Due to its awesome Sturdiness, strength and durability it is used as gun holster belt.It comes with a durable Metal buckle which can be replaced easily with a buckle of your choice and not having to pay for something you will throw away. The buckle is connected via two chicago screws that is way strong and durable that some of the other belts that use snaps instead.These belts are built to last and will hold up for the longest time. The more you use it, the softer the leather will become.
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Surreal H1-LOGPLANTER Small Horizontal Oak Planter

Surreal H1-LOGPLANTER Small Horizontal Oak Planter

Surreal H1-LOGPLANTER Small Horizontal Oak Planter:Keep your plants roots cooler on hot daysInsulate plants against freezingBetter retains the right amount of moisture, which means healthier plants and less watering for youAmazingly realistic, extremely fade resistantIncredibly strong, remarkably lightweightWeather resistantLifetime manufacturer warrantyOak bark designHorizontalSmall11" x 5.5" x 5.5"Surreal Performance Planters are constructed of a space age polyurethane that was developed for use under road beds to ensure structural supportSo, they are incredibly strongIn fact, whether frozen or dropped, a Surreal planter, even one filled with saturated dirt, is remarkably durable and difficult to crack or breakThe molds used to create a Surreal planter are taken from actual birch logs so the physical resemblance is exceptional right down to the authentic texture of the barkThe "paint" that is used is beyond tough and UV resistant so that your Surreal planter will resist fading even after years in the hot sunA Surreal planter is designed to retain the right amount of moisture in the soil which means healthier plants and less frequent watering for youThe planter will keep plant roots cooler on scorching hot days and insulate them from freezing on frigid nightsThe planter itself is impervious to weather
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